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SDI to SDI scaler with genlock
Description SDI to SDI Up/Down Converter with Genlock.
Peli Flightbox for JMC Converter/Scaler
Peli Flightbox that can take JMC adapter and powerunit. Simplifies and protects in stock and on...
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JMC SDI/HDMI to Multi with scaling (100-425-1)
SDI Supports HD formats :
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JMC Multi to SDI/HDMI with scaling (100-524-1)
SDI Supports HD formats :
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SDI splitter 1 to 4  (100-124 )
The SDI Splitter Distribution Amplifier allows a single SDI, HD-SDI or 3G-SDI video source to be...
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SDI Multiviewer
Multiviewer to show and choose SDI input on a SDI, HDMI or VGA output.
JMC Multi to SDI scaling converter (100-521-1)
Scaling converter from DVI-D, DVI-A, component, CVBS to 3G/HD/SD SDI.
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JMC SDI to Multi (100-125-1)

JMC SDI to Multi (100-125-1)

SDI Supports HD formats :
720p50 & 60
1080i50 & 60
1080p24, 25, 30, 50 & 60
SDI Support 525i & 625i SD D1 format
Auto 3G/HD/SD-SDI detection
Can be split one 3G-SDI displays simultaneously.
Frame rate conversion(1.000/1.001)
External Button Configuration
the integrated USB port
The converter is Plug-and-Play
Support DVI-D, DVI-A, Component, CVBS and S-Video output
Pattern Generator functionality when input disconnected.

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JMC SDI to HDMI Digital Up/Down converter (100-123-1)
3G, HD, SD SDI to HDMI . If you need for example get i50 and input is p50/p60, this is the thing...
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HDMI 2 SDI Digital upp/down  converter (100-321-1)
● Auto source format detection (3G/HD/SD).
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SDI to HDMI w. splitter   (100-123-0)
Supports SD/HD/3G format:
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