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Welcome to  JMC Systems Engineering!

We are providing equipment and parts for professional video and broadcasting related needs. You can alway reach us by email info(at) If you are ordering on the webb and have other agreed conditions/prices, please make a commentary in your order! You can call us: +46 8 828270
JMC Yuan  4 channel +1 HDMI Streaming encoder
Stream to Youtube, Facebook, RTMP, RTSP, TS, HLS
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JMC SEETEC T51 Tripple 5" 2RU  IPS 800×480  monitor
Triple Rack Mount Color LCD Monitor.
JMC SEETEC D71 Dual 7" 3RU IPS 1280x800
Dual Rack Mount Multi-Functional Color LCD Monitor. This monitor adopts advanced integrated...
JMC Yuan SDI/HDMI Streaming encoder
Stream to Youtube, Facebook, RTMP, RTSP, TS, HLS
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JMC SC601 encoder
Max. FPS 1920×1080@p60/50fps
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JMC Yuan SC560 N4 HDMI 4k
Dimension 162.57 x 93.04 (mm) PCIe Full Height
HDMI 2.0 19M-19M, 2m
Peli Flightbox for JMC Converter/Scaler
Peli Flightbox that can take JMC adapter and powerunit. Simplifies and protects in stock and on...
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Equipment and parts for the video and display walls
JMC special articles for video handling
Unigraf capture and test equipment
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Decimator Design is an Australian based company that is dedicated to the design and manufacture of advanced video broadcast solutions.

Product such as the flagship Decimator and Now the Decimator 2 have set new industry standards for high-quality, cost effective broadcast equipment solutions. Not just satisfied with the success of the Decimator 2, Decimator Design has also added the award winning DMON-12S, DMON-6S, DMON-4S, MD-Quad, MD-DUCC and MD-CROSS to its Impressive product line-up.
Video cables

High quality video cables for professional users!

JMC SC542N4 SDI ( 4* SD/HD/3G SDI )
4 port HD/3G SDI capture card with 2nd generation PCIe connection. Simultanious capture 4*1080p.
JMC SC542N4 HDMI ( 4 x 1080p )
4 port HDMI capture card with 2nd generation PCIe connection. Simultanious capture 4*1080p.
DMON-4S: Quad (3G/HD/SD)-SDI to HDMI Multi-Viewer and Converter
4 x (3G/HD/SD)-SDI to HDMI Converters with 1 to 4 MultiViewer and Custom Layouts
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Decimator 2
Miniature (3G/HD/SD)-SDI to both HDMI and NTSC/PAL
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JMC UB5A0 N4 Hybrid USB3
UB5A0 N4 SDI is a high-quality, high-performance capture device which is specially designed for...
JMC SC510N4 SDI ( 4* SD/HD-SDI )
a four channel capture card for applications like vMix, Wirecast, Vidblaster and others. Windows...
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Datapath VisionDVI-DL Video Capture Card

Datapath VisionDVI-DL Video Capture Card

Single Channel 4 lane PCI Express bus with maximum data rate of 650MB/sec
Support for 330MHz pixel clock and a maximum canvas of 4kx4k
HD video capture for all progressive and interlaced DVI/HDMI modes
Captures Quad-HD Digital Cinema modes at 24/25/30fps

The VisionDVI-DL is a single channel PCI express Dual-Link DVI video capture card. A stand alone PCI Express x4 plug in card, the VisionDVI-DL delivers extreme performance with 650MB/s transfer bandwidth. A maximum canvas of 4kx4k allows any DVI source to be captured.

The VisionDVI-DL has integrated DVI equalizers on its inputs to support longer input cable lengths (up to 20m). The VisionDVI-DL is suitable for a wide range of applications including:

Large display walls
High resolution, high bandwidth applications
Advanced Medical and Machine Vision capture
Radar, Security/Surveillance and Military applications
IP Render decode capture

Software Configuration

The VisionDVI-DL is supplied with a powerful software application for configuring the format of the input sources and displaying the data. Simply connect your video source into the card, run the VisionDVI-DL application to automatically detect the video source resolution and display the captured video in a window on your desktop.

Wall Control-red presents a representational window of the entire display wall showing position and size of video windows. Datapath Wall Control-red software enables you to configure your multi-screen display, launch video overlays and create a wall layout configuration. With the full version it is possible to save layouts and recall them for future use and also operate Wall Control on a remote PC via a network connection.

Video Streaming

For streaming applications, the VisionDVI-DL can be used with Windows Media Encoder to compress and stream captured video. To replay the video, use Windows® Media Player.

Any application compatible with Windows® DirectShow technology can use the VisionDVI-DL due to its built-in WDM support.

VisionSD4+1S video capture card DVI plus 4*composite
Four channel SD video + one channel RGB/DVI/HD capture card
Datapath VisionRGB-E2s
The VisionRGB range of video capture cards are fully integrated with the Datapath family of video...
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